Today’s thread is going to be the first edition of a series of multiple articles, regarding how to improve your weakpoints and turn them into your best body parts.

I figured it would only be fitting to begin with one of the most important muscle parts if you’re trying to become less Injury prone, instantly look bigger and manlier.

Sporting a thick, strong neck is a must for all fighters, or football and rugby players, since it makes you bulletproof against concussions, and will even improve your aesthetics.


The major muscles that protect the neck are the sternocleidomastoid, located at the front of the neck, and the trapezius, running from the back of the skull all the way to the thoracic spine.

The minor muscles are splenius capitis, levator scapulae, anterior scalene and middle scalene, located at each side of the neck.


As with every other muscle group, we train the neck by using weighted resistance on each and every movement performed by the targeted muscles. The neck can perform head flexion, head extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation.


To target the sternocleidomastoid neck curls with a plate on your forehead while laying on a bench, are the best bang for your buck exercise. Flexing the neck while wearing a neck harness that has a band attached to a rack from a standing position, is also another good exercise to target the front of the neck.

You can either do 2-3 sets of 25-50 reps, 3 times per week, or do two sets of ascending reps daily. For example, 2×50 on Monday, 2×60 on Tuesday, etc, until you reach 100 reps. Once you do, increase the weight and start again with 50 reps. Start light and use progressive overload.

Neck curls are very easy to progress to, and hypertrophy gains come pretty fast. It’s not uncommon to be able to Neck Curl 45lbs within a few months after you start training your neck.

Rotations with a band attached to a Neck Harness is a MUST for fighters, as well as side flexions with a plate or bands. High reps with light/moderate weight are ideal for these exercises.

Especially for fighters, wearing a neck harness that has a weight plate attached, while performing Farmers Walks, Sled Drags or even very light grapling while standing is another way to condition and strengthen the neck. Neck extensions with a neck harness are also to be used as a standalone exercise, just like the neck curls.

You might’ve heard me talk about Nucleus Overload in the past, and I definitely plan on expanding more about that training method fairly soon, so similarly with every other body part, using a nucleus overload protocol will work wonders for a stubborn muscle group.

Performing neck curls daily, with a fairly light weight for ~100 reps will make even the tinniest neck grow fast. Do that for a month or so, let it recover for a week and then follow the basic principles I prescribed in this thread. If you still can’t get a thick neck after that, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

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