People either only do cheat reps OR stop at where they have the slightest strain or form breakdown.

They should try working up in sets until they HAVE to cheat, instead of limiting themselves on either side of the spectrum.

A combination of both is perfect for building muscle and getting strong.

This method comes naturally to people who train to failure.

When training biceps for example, do a heavy cheat set of curls, tax the muscle on the eccentric, then go chase that sweet pump with lower weight. Godly energy

Similarly you can start with a moderate weight and when you reach failure, simply perform cheat reps to prolong the set.

Doesn’t have to be something crazy or retarded. There’s benefits to utilizing both methods, so why not use them?

Obviously, I wouldn’t suggest to do so in technical compound movements like Olympic lifts. This should be done mainly with “easier” isolation exercises or compound movements that won’t injure you. Think rows, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, leg curls, shrugs, lateral raises, rear delt flies.

Now go make some gains.

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