It keeps you committed. – Success in many of life’s most important endeavors begins with a commitment. We need to push our comfort zones in order to force out bodies to adapt, change, and grow leaner and stronger. I can’t think of anything more detrimental to someones chances of success than offering refunds. If you don’t follow through with the plan, there will not be a refund. Information has no value unless you act on it. I believe that if you pay for something you’re going to act and put in the work, whereas if you get it for free or have the option to ask for a refund, most people will either half-ass it or disregard it within a matter of days.

It stops the occasional dishonest person. – I have had people get me to write them a very detailed plan with no intention of paying for it. They thought they could demand a refund, threatening to write a bad review somewhere on the internet if I didn’t. I won’t allow anyone to think that they can put myself to be held to ransom in this way.

It protects my reputation. – I need to be known as a coach that holds people accountable because this is why many people hire a coach in the first place. If I get a reputation for not following through on my word, I steal this commitment tool from future customers and undermine my entire business.


Do not lie about or pretend that you’re following the plan when you’re not doing so. If you have to stray away from what I designed for a day due to unexpected life events or circumstances, all you have to do is be honest and tell me what happened. We’ll always find a way to make up for a mistake or something completely unexpected. If you mess up for whatever reason there’s no need to keep it a secret, since you’ll be simply lying to yourself first and foremost.

Do not lie and claim that the program is not working if you’re half-assing it or if you barely even follow it. Yes, there are times where alterations need to made to every program or plan, but doing so just because is not an honest reason. There’s a huge difference between following a plan for a month and realizing that it doesn’t really fit your schedule due to a new work schedule for example or that your goals might have changed and adjustments or changes are necessary, and between half-assing and/or skipping workouts or not eating accordingly and claiming that the plan is completely wrong. Be honest. 


When you commit yourself to something, do it properly or don’t do it at all. The results that you’ll get will only resemble the level of your commitment. If you half-ass it, you can’t expect to reach your utmost potential. I will provide the guidance to become 1% better every single day, but it’s up to you to prove to yourself what you’re capable of.